Low Quality Pillows Can Hurt You

Pillows were created for decorative purposes, but they managed to find their way in the bedroom, too. These are used by anyone who aims to achieve an enjoyable and comfortable sleep and are created to offer support for the neck. Besides, a qualitative pillow can provide a perfect posture for sleep, which diminishes the risks of experiencing muscle pain. But did you know that low-quality pillows can hurt you?

How pillows can affect your health

A frequent mistake amongst people is not changing pillows frequently. These are the most used items in our homes, meaning they can gather a lot of bacteria, dead skin, and dust on their surface. Of course, cleaning pillows can extend their lifespan, but it is best to change these as often as possible. Pillows can affect your health and promote several health problems, as shown down below. 

#1 Pillows can cause pain

Besides choosing a qualitative mattress, your comfort is determined by the pillow you use. A poor fit can strain your neck and lead to back and neck pain. Also, low-quality pillows can throw off your body’s alignment and lead to severe problems such as your head bending inward. This is why you should always purchase a qualitative pillow, created with the best materials to support you while sleeping. 

#2 Pillows can cause stiffness

The major problem with low-quality pillows is that they inevitably cause stiffness. So, if your pillow isn’t right for you, it makes your muscles ache due to improper sleeping positions. Our tip is to use a thick pillow if you are a side sleeper, while a thin pillow is the best option for those sleeping on their back.

#3 Pillows can lead to sleep deprivation

Another side effect that comes from using a low-quality pillow is that it can alter your sleep quality. And this occurs because such pillows don’t offer proper support for your body, and generate tension in your muscles. 

#4 Pillows can promote allergies

If you don’t change your pillows frequently, you might experience symptoms of allergies. Also, if you are a sensitive person, it is best to purchase a hypoallergenic qualitative pillow. This is specially created for people with allergies and prevent allergens from sticking around. 

#5 Suffocation Even though this is a rare side effect of using low-quality pillows, it can happen. Studies show that children are the most affected by this problem, as improper pillows can lead to suffocation. Thus, next time you purchase a pillow, look for a reliable product meant to aid you or your loved one with existing issues.

How to choose a good pillow

The basic lifespan of a bed pillow is around 18 months. Afterward, it needs replacing. Of course, memory foam pillows can last longer, while qualitative ones have an impressive lifespan when compared to low-quality pillows.

Still, our recommendation to choose the best pillow for you is to consider the following characteristics:

  • The fill or materials used for the pillow;
  • The weight of the pillow;
  • The quality of the craftsmanship and materials used;
  • The dimension of the pillow;

But rest assured you can avoid all those problems by choosing one of the pillows available with us. DEPERLITE focuses on providing better sleep experiences to its customers, which is why our team is knowledgeable and always ready to assist you in selecting the best pillow for your situation.